Report from the Phlocking Committee

Same ‘ol, same ‘ol…

As always, the Emerald Isle Parrot Heads will be meeting at the Emerald Club at 7:00 PM on the first Friday of each month. This is great time to socialize with “seasoned” members, for new members to get “lei’d”, and for committees to make announcements.


This year we’re going back to some basics AND making some progressive moves. Our Phlocking will be entertained by DJ Robbie Jones, compliments of Emerald Club. He is an excellent, experienced DJ, with a variety of tunes for everyone and can serve as MC for our activities during Phlocking. (Don’t worry about the boys, AKA, Scearce and Ketner. They are now booked at E-Club on Saturday nights and are staying busy with other venues in the area!)

Also, the Emerald Club with help from Eddie of the Piggly Wiggly in Swansboro have been providing spreads at our Phlockings. This year, the food will coordinate with our Phlocking themes and will be provided by members of EIPHC. The Phlocking leaders will organize a more “light fare”, if any, and club members are always welcome to bring dishes to share at any Phlocking.  Pat and Mike will continue to work with the Phlocking committee on food and set up as the year progresses.

Be a Leader…

Taking on the Phlocking is one of the best ways to integrate into the club…not to mention it’s easy and fun.  There are many variances to “hosting” the Phlockings, no two are the same or, right or wrong.  Some standard responsibilities of the 2-4 hosts include;

  1. T-shirt sales-El Prez and the First Lady will bring the t-shirts and help get them set-up. We only sell for the first hour, and then it’s on to the mingling.  Hosts will need to have one or two volunteers/friends to sell during that hour.
  2. 50/50 Raffle-Hosts will choose a local charity to donate half the pot money. The other half goes to the winning ticket.  We usually allow for 2 hosts or their chosen volunteers/friends walking around soliciting for ticket purchases (Haha!)  Members are well aware to bring their cash, so this task is pretty easy.  It’s a great way to work the crowd and meet new people!
  3. Word! -Now that we have a fabulous new website, we’d like for our hosts to decide and communicate their Phlocking ideas to the rest of our members.  At least a week prior to hosting, hosts will need to have any announcements for themes, food requests, activities, etc. to the Technology committee at Also, there will need to be a brief follow up report at least a week after the event. There is a pre and post event form available for this task or just ask what info needs to be provided and get creative by writing your own article.

       Our group with its variety, is a blast in itself. However, some excellent themed Phlockings have made the ranks for Party of the Year! There’s no mandatory requirements for having a theme or activity, with prizes, planned, so do not let that be a deterrent to hosting. Here are the dates for 2015 with some suggested themes. Call your buds to host with you, take pot luck, or contact one of the Phlocking committee members to host with you!


FEBRUARY 6- Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, President’s day
MARCH 6- St.Patty’s, Spring begins, World Kidney day?
APRIL 3- Easter, Good Friday
MAY 1- May”pole” dancing?,Mother’s Day
JUNE 5- Toga party, School’s Out
JULY 3- Christmas in July, 4TH OF July
AUGUST 7- EIPHC 13th Anniversary (Pat and Mike Haut will host)
SEPTEMBER 4- Labor Pains/Day, School Time, Back to the Future( Party like its 2050)
OCTOBER 2-NO HOSTS but lots of volunteers Phall Phestival (Apple Butter, Divas race)
NOVEMBER 6- Politicking, Veteran’s Day
DECEMBER 4- NO HOSTS Christmas party; Sponsor families, Food Bank

We hope that you will consider being a host for our Phlockings. Feel free to contact the Phlocking Committee leaders at  We look forward to hearing your ideas and fielding your questions.

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