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In the Autumn of Our Years??

Parrot Heads: In the Autumn of Our Years??

We’re not “Fall”ing for that Autumn of our years stuff; we’re just getting started with a little cooler weather and the fact that the pace of the Isle has slowed down and mellowed with the departure of beach visitors and tourists who help out the local economy.  Nice to see some cooler nights and open windows rather than cranked up AC.  The beautiful weather and the saner temps brought out a herd of folks (maybe that’s a flock of folks) to our PHirst PHriday PHlocking at the Emerald Club.  Lots of great grub and fun people with a changeup of tunes from Jah Creation; a little background Reggae to chill folks out.   Of course Jane, Chuck, Ken, and Carl were on hand with coconut bowling to keep the PHlock entertained (we entertain easily) and ensure lots of laughter.  We picked up ten new members that night (welcome, welcome!) who happened to stop by the Tiki Bar, had a blast and joined the Parrot Head family.  We’re up to 289 members now!

There was still lots of chatter about the 10th Annual Island/Sandbar Anniversary Party and looking forward to the Coast is Clear Under the Pier Party to celebrate the slowdown in pace of the Isle and return to the locals.  Due to article deadlines (everybody has deadlines, just like work) this will have already happened (have I told you about my time theory?), but with great food, games, rowdiness, and raffles for lots of booty like T shirts, fresh seafood, beach gifts, bowling and golf passes, etc., etc., and even a paddle board the party will be (was?  There’s that time issue again) a fun filled event.  Pics to follow in next month’s C.S. so stay tuned!

We’ll be doing an Adopt a Highway pickup in mid-October to keep the entrance to the Isle looking spiffy, then move into float building mode for the Emerald Isle holiday parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Creative minds (??) will be churning up ideas for this year’s float to see if we can top last year’s.  The planning sessions and building sessions (parties?) are always a hoot and we always manage to come up with some grand stuff for the parade.

While your brains are still churning, don’t forget to keep the following birthday babies in mind who made an appearance on this planet in October.  Another trip around the sun for: Leonard “Super Trooper” Crumpler, Charlie Upchurch, Janice “Crazy Canuck” Brumbelow, Randy Runyan, Rene “Red” Synan, Barbara Morgan, Vickie Creech, Erin “Artsy Bartender” Sheldon, Dan “Lawyer Up” Ruge, Becky Parham, Sonia Brooks, Paula Hubbell, Ricky Taylor, Joe Oebbecke, Wendy “Candy” Gollihue, Kelley “ Crazy Carver” Nelson, Traci Runyan, Louise “Mama Doc” Ehrenkaufer, Bob Fowle, Jessica Pickett, Melelia Bass, Maggie “Volunteer” Rauschenberg, Jay Toler, Marcus Johnson, and Tim Cogdill.  Phew! Lotsa October B’Days… musta been a cold January!

Halloween’s almost upon us so start getting your costumes ready, enjoy the beauty of a less crowded beach, and be kind to those around you (strangers as well as friends).  And of course, that solid advice… if you’re drinking any whoopee juice, make sure you and any friends have a designated driver.  See y’all around town…  Ken