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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Parrot Heads – Hot! Hot! Hot!

Oh yeah… it’s been a hot and humid summer so far, but that hasn’t stopped all those local Parrot Heads from PHlocking.  How to stay cool at our regular PHirst PHriday PHlocking?  Aside from a good ol’ cold beverage served up with a smile by Erin or Matt, one way to cool off the crew was with a frozen T-Shirt contest.  For those newbies, not what you might have thought; good clean fun by soaking and then rolling up and freezing a bunch of T’s to hand out to willing participants.  The first one to get it unfrozen by any creative means (whacking it on the pavers, yanking with a friend, thawing on body parts, etc., etc.) and over their body won a prize.  Of course everyone who participated got to #1: cool off, and #2: keep the shirt.  Lots of rowdy fun coupled with great tunes from the maestros of music, our very own Scearce and Ketner, plenty of tasty grub courtesy of the Emerald Club via Eddie, some wobbly coconut bowling with prizes, and the laughter and camaraderie of good friends.   We also hooked up with the Rotary Club to sell tickets to their Duck Race for charity.  For each ticket Parrot Heads sold we were able to keep a portion that is being contributed to help extend the Town’s multi-use PATH, so folks can bike, jog, walk, whatever for 5 miles around town.

Lots of other scheming going on too, talking up and making plans for our Parrot Head Club 10th Anniversary Weekend, August 3-5 (watch for pics in the next issue of Carolina Salt!).  This is shaping up to be quite the event with a PHlocking on the first Friday (Aug. 3) followed by our Anniversary Island Party (August 5) out on Pelican Island.  Parrot Heads and friends will arrive by boat, kayak, canoe, or other(?) for a fun day in the sun and water with games, grllin’ & chillin’, and music by Jack and Dickie (A.K.A Scearce & Ketner.  Be sure to ask Jack to tell you his cannibal joke.).  In honor of our 10th Anniversary, the honorable Mayor of Emerald Isle (and all around good guy) has proclaimed August 3-5 as Emerald Isle Parrot Head Weekend praising the good things the Club does for the community and encouraging “…all residents and visitors to enjoy and embrace this weekend in the same way that it will be observed by the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club – with laughter and good friends –Party With A Purpose”.

In ten years the Club has grown from a handful of folks with a vision to a membership of 250 fun loving characters who give back to their communities and local charities in a variety of ways, all while having a great time of it.  Speaking of great times (we were, weren’t we?), don’t forget to celebrate and have a great time with the following members of our PHlock who are putting  another year astern and having an August birthday.  They be… Leni Newell, Judy Sears, Michael “50-ish” Moyer, Richard “Doc Bogus” Ehrenkaufer, Tom “Turtle Trench” Minnick, Peggy Knecht, Dennis Caldwell, Mark Kocourek, Chuck “Morehead Man” Sewell, Scooter Hopkins, Alexandra Williamson, Walt Bass, Paula Dail, Claire Stern, Rhonda Davis, Mary Catherine Thomas, Rob Childree, Johnny Foster, Ray “Travelin’” Gollihue, Gordon Pickett, Ramona Hale, Trish Logan, Bernie “Bennett’s Dad” Zucker, Cindi Palilonis, and Sandy “Coastal Outlet” Fontaine.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Enjoy the beach, stay safe on land and in the water, laugh a lot, and be kind and considerate to those around you whether you know them or not.  And remember… “No matter where you go, there you are.”  See y’all around the Isle!    Ken