April Phlocking 4/4/2014 (Parrot Head Prom Night)


Phlocking this Friday at the Emerald Club, and for those who have not heard, the theme is “Jr./Sr. Prom”.  Come in your best formalwear, or just fake it.  Bring a glorious picture of you and your prom date from back in the day.  There will be a contest to vote for your prom King or Queen, whether based on your outfit or past photo.  As usual there will be food, a raffle for charity, and Scearce and Ketner will be supplying the musical entertainment.  Join us to welcome in Spring, and just maybe it’ll be warm enough to hang out outside.

We may be a bit older but our charm still reigns!  “The Beautiful People” showed up in their prom attire and the competition for Prom King and Queen began!  After lots of pictures, dancing and just downright showing off, the finalists were chosen.  The fabulously lovely, Tara Dyer, was crowned as Queen and our crazy Vice Pres., Jason Holland, as King. To top it off, the handsome couple presented us with the  “King and Queen Victory Dance.”  The fun didn’t end there! We also had a competition for “THE BEST PAST PROM PICTURE.” The photos were viewed and admired by us all although we didn’t recognize anybody in them!  The beautiful Janet Denny was voted as the winner!  Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to all of you crazy Parrot Heads who made this night an enchanting evening!  On a final note, Tristan Taylor was our 50/50 volunteer and raised $64 for the charity chosen by ourwinner, Leonard Crumpler!  Thanks to Mike for another great night at our favorite nest, The Emerald Club, and to our home boys, Scearce & Ketner, for sharing their great tunes!

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